Being Green


NWWRF encourages sustainability!

We are a pac it in pac it out event!!!!


Last Year NWWRF Recycled


3700 lbs composted


900 lbs cardboard


800 lbs co-mingle recycling (paper, plastic, aluminum)


2400 lbs non-refundable glass


350 lbs metal


A very large portion of the materials from the event went off with the

Lewis and Clark Montessori Charter School in refundable plastic and glass bottles and cans.

$2400 refund value

5000 lbs estimated weight


Waste: 1000 lbs to Landfill


This year  at NWWRF :


For the 14th Year – All food booths and the staff/performer kitchen are Organic and as much as possible, local grown.


NWWRF is in a select group of festival requiring this of all food booths.


Asking their fans to bring reusable containers and enjoy the natural on-site cascade spring water.

There are refill stations at the site.


Pitch In And Win – Bring in recycling to our two centrally located staffed U-sort area and the happy volunteers will

help get it in the right containers. Patrons will get a raffle ticket for great prizes from the Sponsors.

Drawings each night at Main Stage.


The office uses wind power and all of the paper, handbills and posters are produced using the most responsible papers and inks available.


Phoenix Media is the eco -  printer of choice in Portland.